WWOZ radio performance.

Yesterday, the quintet performed on WWOZ for their pledge drive. The group was:

Jonathan Freilich-guitar

Aurora Nealand-alto and soprano sax

Dan Oestreicher- sax

Joe Cabral- bass

Doug Garrison- drums

Energetically speaking, the performance went well; a crazy morning energy. Some precision elements flying out the window, sacrificing themselves for a rapid phoenix-like, burn up to get the energy to carry through the transmitters. I understand they got a lot of pledges when we played and people liked it.

Peculiar thing was that I went to see my Acupuncturist this morning. After I see her I go down the hall to her chiropracter father, Dr. Ky. He says "you performed yesterday!" and I said "no! Monday!" The reason is that I somehow didn't equate the radio performance with a gig. I didn't get it until I went out and the secretary said that she listened to us on the radio in the office and it was very impressive. I think it felt as good as the acupuncture because on the radio you can't see your audience so you go just on your own enjoyment. It's nice, however, to see it getting through. Also, in this case that those folks that have seen me repairing from an accident have some idea of who i am other than the victim of a collision.

Big thanks to Michael Dominici for inviting us on to play.

Afterwards I played a little with Alex Mcmurray on his slot. Wow! that was crazy. he performed a nutty new number about the way Washboard Chaz soundchecks. Chaz always pulls out "I'm crying woo woo" like the old Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters records. Perrine and Mcmurray, not so hip to the actual recordings, interpreted as something like "Avocado Woo Woo." Mcmurray, in his brilliance, span out a ditty with the old time popular changes. Quite hilarious especially in the crazy mood he was still in from the night before drizzling in to the day that it was.