Jazzweekly’s Dave Wayne says-

“As a guitar soloist, Freilich possesses a unique and readily identifiable voice. This is a rare thing to be able to say about an electric guitarist these days! He totally shuns electronic gimmicks, preferring to generate a surprisingly broad sound palette by radically varying his attack and volume. One of his favorite tricks is a rapid-fire flamenco-like strumming with both hands going crazy up and down the guitar’s neck – a stunt previously used to great effect by avant-gardeners such as Eugene Chadbourne and Billy Jenkins. Freilich’s solos never seem to follow a script - he may feature swift jazzy single note runs, Jim Hall-like backhanded lyricism, and rockabilly parody, as well as any number of wildman antics, all in quick and decisive succession. Other points of stylistic reference for Freilich the improvisor could be James Blood Ulmer, Kelvyn Bell, Sonny Sharrock (Black Woman / Monkey Pockie Boo-era), and Scotty Moore, though he’s more his own man than any list of possible influences could ever indicate.”

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Cadence magazine article-

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The Times Picayune says -

“Actually, guitarist Jonathan Freilich doesn't fit any mold. Way beyond the Klezmer All-Stars, his musical projects range from jazz (Naked on the Floor) through the out-there big band (The Naked Orchestra) to ska (007) and R&B (Poor Man's Speedball).”

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David Kunian’s Radio Documentary- Jonathan Freilich’s Freedom Double-O Naked Klezmer Jazz Latin Boogaloo: The Radio Documentary

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, David Kunian of radio station WWOZ began work on a documentary about freilich’s work and community in New Orleans.  Here are some excerpts from that piece.

To obtain a copy of the full 1hr documentary contact David Kunian


Jay Mazza in The Vinyl District


This refers to my departure gig.


Mother Jones article after Outside Lands set