The Jackals are a four piece band comprised of 2 members of the Iguanas, three members of 007, 1 member of the Klezmer all-stars, 2 members of the TomPaines, and one guy who used to play with a band named the royal fingerbowl.  You do the math. Their tastes are diverse and they can execute tunes to suit.  One thing is certain- it will groove quite pleasantly (really...we assure you.)  Doug Garrison-drums; Joe Cabral-bass/vocals; Alex Mcmurray- guitar/ vocals;  Jonathan Freilich-guitar.  


    The side project, usually the humble servant of the main act, gets a little menacing here:  comico-mutinously poised for  some sort of musical coup.  Do you like R n B, the Blues, music from around Mexico way, Cuba, the south seas, the revolutionary war, somewhere called New Orleans, Country, Stooge Rock, etc.?  Perhaps you are just looking for the right sound for your Bacchanalia. Don’t be caught in the wrong dimension.  Check out the jackals.  We recommend it!











pictured [clockwise from top left]: Joe Cabral-bassist/vocals; Doug Garrison-drums; AlexMcmurray-guitar/vocals; Jonathan Freilich-guitar