Canetti at Carnival



This was composed for the New Orleans Composers Orchestra in 2010.  The piece is in two parts: Feast of Thighs and The Power of Unmasking.   The piece was to integrate, in a light way, an awareness of forces that occur in crowds during a carnival (dark), the light, unself-conscious releases that occur at that time (light).  


Naked Orchestra

01 Nicholas Slonimsky's Freedom Mambo Jazz Dance Party 

From the 2000 release Brief Repairs On The Gradually Unravelling Spool In The Sense Continuum

Recorded at the boiler Room by Mark bingham

Featuring amongst others- 

James Singleton-bass; Tim Green-sax; Michael Ray- trumpet; Eric Lucero-trumpet; Joe Cabral- sax; Hart Mcnee-Flute; Mark Diflorio-drums; Matt Perrine- tuba; Chris Kohl-Cl.; Steve Bertram-bassoon; Doug Miller-Bari Sax