'Esplanade', film by Gamble and Freilich, accepted into New Orleans film festival

The film we worked on together has been accepted. The date isn’t set. It is in the Louisiana shorts category. Our film runs 35mins. There is a taster in the post below if you haven’t checked it out.

It is a tight audio visual collaboration between David Gamble and I. The film is in 16mm. The sound is mixture of electro acoustic music and some pieces with a few great players in town- Nobu Ozaki, Martin Krusche, Cyrus Nabipoor, Stephanie Nilles, Phil DeGruy, Glenn Hartman, Annie Ellicott.

We are happy, it’s competitive. Stay tuned and we will give the date of that showing as well as one other coming up in November.

The New Orleans Film Festival runs October 16-22. It’s a great event. Here is their blurb on their website…