Show schedule across Jazzfest.

Here is what to look forward to.  Mark down the dates and improve your scramble for a spiraling higher and higher musical ecstasy.

Thursday 26th May 9:30pm- Siberia Lounge- The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars feat. Ben Ellman
Friday 27th May 11pm-Starlight Lounge- Derrick Freeman Trio
Saturday 28th May 4:20pm- New Orleans Jazzfest-Klezmer All Stars feat. Steven Bernstein
Tuesday May 1st 9pm- 3 Keys at The Ace Hotel- Naked On The Floor feat. Steven Bernstein
Tuesday May 1st 11:30pm- Blue Nile balcony Room- Steven Bernstein's Fest Mob
Wednesday May 2nd 11am-1pm- The Bywater Bakery- New Orleans klezmer All Stars
Thursday May 3rd 9pm- Hi Ho Lounge- Saucefest
Friday May 4 8:30pm- Zeitgeist Multi Disciplinary Art Center- James Singleton Band
Friday May 4th midnight- Sidebar - New Orleans Klezmer All Stars Trio feat. Aurora Nealand
Saturday May 5th 10pm-Vaughan's Lounge-Klezmer All Stars double bill w/ Morning 40 Federation
Saturday May 5th-midnight- Chickie Wah Wah-James Singleton Quartet
Sunday May 6th 11:30pm- Chickie Wah Wah- Mike Dillon Quartet