News and upcoming shows into Jazzfest.

Haven't posted much lately, mostly because of a health scare.  It was scary indeed but the post-surgery recovery is moving along and all the news on that front is good.

I didn't know I could be made more aware of the healing power of music- but it's a fact.  Happy to report some great upcoming events for all, and I'm playing great shows with great people, so I'd advise attendance.

Sunday April 23rd- Snug Harbor with The James Singleton Quintet:
                                James Singleton: bass, pocket trumpet, loops
                                Justin Peake: drums, electronics, percussion
                                Jonathan Freilich: guitar
                                Rex Gregory: saxophones, clarinets, flutes
                                Brad Walker: saxophones
                  Two shows 8&10pm. James has had this configuration going for a couple of years now and the chemistry is good.  Mark it down!

Wednesday April 26th- @The Saturn Bar with The Naked Orchestra
                                The full 20 piece ensemble is back, with a couple of special guests because it's that time of year.  What a band! and still rolling after 21 years.  New music too.  Features players from all parts of the New Orleans musical dialogue. Especially suited to the saturn bar, BTW. 10:30pm

Friday April 28th-  @ Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary art center with James Singleton's Annual Jazzfest Orchestra.
                                      Great place to relax and really listen.  And they have superior snack selection. 9pm

Saturday April 29th- @SideBarNOLA with The Klezmer All Stars Duo
                                      Glenn Hartman- Accordion
                                      Jonathan Freilich- Guitar
                  We have been doing this one for a few years now.  There is a CD and a couple of Europe runs behind us and stuff on the west coast.  Haven't played in New Orleans oddly, even though this is where we are really at.  Find out about the deep grease inside of the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars machine.  This is the perfect place to mellow out after the festival before the evening heats up. 8:30pm

Saturday/Sunday April 29/30- @Chickie WahWah with
                                   James Singleton-bass
                                   Johnny Vidacovich-drums
                     I don't even know what to say about this other than playing with this grouping is one of the greatest things I get to do. Really playing at, and with, music.  Always goes through many stages leaving a feeling of sublime depth and satisfaction at the end.  Look out- don't be confused- the showtime for this is 12:30AM (which is to say- calendric position is the 30th but to see the show you'd be heading out into the late night on the 29th.) Get it? I love the calm currents of a start at this time of night, it really exposes the circadian influence.

Sunday April 30th- @New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with
                                        The Midnight Disturbers
                       Truly an All Star Brass Band Super Group.  I'm very glad to be joining.  It's a high energy new orleans music throw down featuring the stylings of...the kind of players who've got style!

Wednesday May 3rd- @Chazfest all day with
                                        Johnny "Guitar" Mambo and His Hot Latin Combo feat.
                                                  Hector Gallardo-perc./Andrew Wolf-bass/vocals @4:30pm


                                        The Valparaiso Men's Chorus
     Great neighborhood festival put on by some of my closest friends.  A great lineup of music and food all day.  Find out what has happened with the Vecinos and the Mamones, if you remember the crazy latin scene in the 90s. before the destabilization. @6pm

Friday May 5th- @Marigny Opera House with
                                                 The Nolatet:
                                                 Brian Haas-piano
                                                 James Singleton-bass
                                                 Jonathan Freilich- guitar
                                                 Mark Southerland-horns and distort-o-sax

                                   Now we perform the real experiments in an ex-church, which the best state for a church.  A little less church-y. A lot more sound. Always love to play with Haas. It works out.

Saturday/Sunday May 6th/7th- @DBA with The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars.
                                                     This is epic- Ben Ellman- sax
                                                                          Glenn Hartman-accordion
                                                                          Jonathan Freilich-guitar
                                                                          Joe Cabral-bass
                                                                          Stanton Moore-drums
                                                                          Special guests.
                         Some call it the greatest show on earth.  This is the kickoff to the 25th anniversary of the band day.  The showtime is 2am.  Technically it's the wee hours of Sunday the 7th, but you have to go through Saturday night to get there.  This show will really roar!

Sunday May 7th- @New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with

                                    The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars. feat. special guests-
                                                     Henry Butler and Frank London and Mean Willie Green

                                               You don't want to miss this.  25 years since our first performance at the festival and we have played every year since. Joining us is the great Frank London who many know from the Klezmatics and the great Henry Butler through whose fingers stream the living heart and soul of New Orleans piano but really also the great beyond that we all can learn from...but all with a smack to send some still booty into a huge funky klezmer groove.  It could be yours.  6pm Fans DO-DO Stage.


james singleton

james singleton