Playing with James Singleton's Force Majeur at Zeitgeist

We played a slamming show at Zeitgeist last Friday and this will be a repeat.  If you've had enough of the same old same old you need to make this.  It's a fascinating art space also.  Last week the drummer was different- the great, (that's what I'll call him now that i've played with him) Bruce Golden.  This time the lineup is:

Rex Gregory- woodwinds
Brad Walker- saxes
Jonathan Freilich-guitar
James Singleton- Bass
Justin Peake- drums
Mark Southerland- odd tubing somehow related to the old instruments in a scary way.

James tunes are something else and here he has them approached in quite a different way.

Don't be a square, get over there.  There's too much zombie conformity around the fest these days.  Come out.  We have the fucking antidote!