The Naked Orchestra at Open Ears this Tuesday, March 31, 2015-10pm

The Naked Orchestra coming to you in all its singular splendor.  Come out Tuesday night for the band filled with great and unusual voices from New Orleans music.  18 musicians actually.  Where else will you find that? Original charts.  New offerings.  

You may have heard of the recent onslaught of cover bands. Apparently it's a noble calling so we will get involved.

We will be covering ourselves... well...

...with fig leaves, well placed to drop innocently, and enticing ideas, sensual musical ribbons tossed freely to wrap around your embodiment.  All that sort of thing, for the spring...come on over in groups, and let the orchestra set your energies spinning.

Here is the lineup:

Jimbo Walsh- conduction
Alex Mcmurray-vocals
Janna Saslaw-flute
Chris Kohl-clarinet
Steve Bertram-bassoon
Martin Krusche-soprano saxophone
Ray Moore-saxes
Rex Gregory-saxes
Joe Cabral-baritone sax
Mike Fulton-trumpet
Jeff Albert-trombone
Devon Taylor-tuba
Helen Gillet-cello
Nobu Ozaki-bass
Jonathan Freilich-guitar
Carl Leblanc-guitar

Doug Garrison-drums
Marcello Bennetti-drums


The right idea...

The right idea...