Roundup of last weekend

Sitting in airport to Hamburg for a two week stint in Germany with the klezmer all-stars duo.  That is Glenn Hartman and I- accordion and guitar.

Still frozen in my mind was the wondrous musical night at Chickie Wah Wah on Saturday night with the James Singleton Quartet.  (Johnny Vidacovich-dr; Rex Gregory-sax,, sax; James Singleton- bass; Jonathan Freilich-gtr).  I had the feeling it went better than the previous Chickie Wa Wa show, which is really something because of how interesting that show was.

Also memorable were a couple of hits with the Washboard Chaz blues trio.  I got to revisit on the outside, a lot of the music that drives me on the inside.  And it was fun too- if not very physical- "I've got blisters on me fingers"

Before all that, in the daytime, i got to play a Tom Paines set up at the old Ironworks.  Mcmurray in good form after just having his first kid show up in the world.  Congratulations to him!

The whole trip to New Orleans was such a pleasure. Getting to visit and play with the musicians I know.  Cavort around town with all my old friends.  Back soon, of course- it's jazzfest. the Klezmer All- Stars are on at the top of the first weekend.  See you there.