The Itunes podcast, 'Interviews with notable New Orleans musicians' is back

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The itunes feed was down for some time while this site was revamped.  Now the old interviews are slowly going back up.  The podcast was initially conceived to ask deeper questions of musicians than what the standard music press, in its often genre-based, marketing centric, 'false-omniscience', tends to presume.  When these interviews  started several years ago, I had a distinct sense that musical awareness and interest was perhaps declining because questions were not being asked.  Things may actually have gotten even worse in music journalism than a few years ago when these interviews started.  

If you are interested in New Orleans's musical drivers plow on.  There are many that I haven't had the opportunity to interview yet but I hope to.  I try not to bias specific groups or styles but I have only had access to these figures so far.  Connections are unintentional as far as preference goes but sometimes it does expose a network or community which is of interest.

The podcast features notable figures that relate in some way to the current vibrancy of the New Orleans music scene and community.  It seeks to form a dialogue between ideas and motivations behind the music and the relationship of those ideas to the sound artifact being presented.  The podcast also addresses what the audiences' state of understanding is about the music and whether understanding is relevant to the "success" of the musical artwork at all.  



The real podcast had to be slightly renamed because of obscure problems with the iTunes store.  If you search and find two podcasts under the name, Jonathan Freilich,  the operational one will be 'Interviews with notable New Orleans musicians'  The podcast features the material from this site's 'Interviews with Musicians' page and showcases in depth interviews with well known and lesser known contributors to New Orleans musical life. To get there on itunes click here...