Part 1 of Interview with Brice Miller, trumpeter, bandleader, scholar...

...amongst many other things.   This interview will be of great interest for anyone with an eye and ear toward New Orleans musical traditions and culture. That doesn't cover all that is opened up here, however.  Much is also explored on the relation of the music to the history of the city, and the many unfortunate changes of late.  It speaks a lot to musical meaning in general- something important to everyone- so worth every bit of attention.

      Brice's picture of these things is heightened by the authority of his experiences as brass band leader, and by the fact that his Father came from the same tradition.  He grew up in the stories and transmissions of a previous generation of New Orleans musician and has an intimate experience of that life. He is old enough to chronicle some change himself.  He has traveled the world as a representative of this tradition with its cornucopia of beautiful, rhythmic music.

Brice Miller1.jpg

      His interests and inquiry do not stop there... 

      Brice is also currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alabama for an interdisciplinary degree with an emphasis on New Orleans brass bands after Hurricane Katrina. There is much discussion of his academic focus in the interview, and this ends up speaking of the horrors of intentional community displacement, and the results of that in New Orleans's ongoing identity and survival struggles.

       And then there is talk of the fascinating tales of Ecirb Müller:  revelations and perspective coming to light at a club near you.

      It has been quite some time since the last audio interview was posted.  This is a long and complete one on important musical subjects thanks to Brice's generosity.  It will be posted in digest-able segments over the next short while.  There was a final hour that became more conversational. Perhaps that segment will also be posted, as much was uncovered there as well.

The Interview is now up on the interviews page