Part 1 of Interview with Jimmy "King James" Horn of the Special Men is up

 Jimmy Horn is a fascinating musician with one of the greatest neighborhood regular gigs around: Mondays at BJ's.  That band plays great R'n'B music from all across a wide blues time span.  The band does not come off like a museum piece at all but does give the feeling that you are outside time in another rockin', blues alterverse.  Get right to the interview here...

As Jimmy explains here, the driver of that is a comfortability and fascination with all kinds of music, and especially the blues, since he was four years old.   And "all kinds of music" is really what it means- Chinese Opera to Muddy Waters, Kurdish music to Kiss.  He sees connections everywhere but really seeks to communicate with people and be in line with the sort of energy that will give them what they need on their night out.

      Here he discusses openly, his winding road toward the current King James scenario, from Utah to BJ's, time in Mississippi around Jesse Mae Hemphill and other great Mississippi musicians, Sun Ra saturation.  Playing on the street with the Royal St bunch in the 90s, The Photon Band.  Jimmy plays saxophone, bass, piano, guitar, piano and has a natural feel on each.  How does this happen?  Check out this interview with a musician who is currently picking up pace in the local scene and, probably has a lot to say to it. 

       The interview, in line with the rest on this site, is informal but informative.  You will hear the sounds of BJ's day shift in the background as well as words from harmonica player Bobby Lewis.  The interview shows again what level of interest and love musicians can take in every kind of sound phenomena and how it can cut to a very deep kind of communication that puts people together in fascinating ways.  Enjoy!