playing tonight 7/17-stellar lineup at Cafe Istanbul, NOLA 10pm

notf promo shot.jpg

Tonight 7/17 will be a special Naked On The Floor show at Cafe Istanbul-  in the Marigny.

The lineup will be- 

Rick Trolsen- Trombone
Jeff Albert- Bass Trombone
Tim Green- Tenor Sax
James Singleton-Bass
Jonathan Freilich Guitar
Paul Thibodeaux- drums

   New arrangements, compositions, and band personnel.   

   Support for this great varietal of improvised, sociable music is critical and your presence is the provider. The playing will be spiked with musical titillation to show our gratitude for your attention.  

   You also get to be helping, by default, a great club that is showcasing many more varieties of worthy, novel , soulful expression.