The imperiled Crescent City- More important analysis from Nolascape

After a recent stay in New Orleans I had hoped to write an article of the sort of bizarre, disproportionate rate and direction of change that is occurring in one of the great cultural zones in the US.  There are powerful forces there who are quickly in the midst of a massive cultural dismantlement through land and property takeovers.  It's all a bit hard to sum up, but since gentrification and it's dark backlashes are a contemporary destructive problem to so many,  these discussions are important to watch.  Who wants a vapid and meaningless, consumer façade, masquerading as real life; masquerading as the real art and artifacts of existence across time?


This writer, gets to the heart of it and exposes a good deal about American economic policy that is little known at the same time.  The article is also entertaining, incase you are in that group that can't handle the laconic approach- this even partially criticizes that discursive approach (or cover for one.) 

Strange...there's something about it that reminds me of that Yossarian society business. (See the Sept,6 entry below.)  


At any rate... here is the link