3 new interviews

Standby, for three new audio interviews. 

Anthony Cuccia- Percussionist, keyboardist, composer, idea man for The Other Planets. Anthony is uses music both for socially consciousness and for exploration of its own various technologies.  There is always a new way he is striving to assemble his ideas.

Dave Capello- a singular creative drummer with a desire for what is unique and portraying the importance of going for it even where there are risks involved.  Originally, from Kansas City, Dave has spent many years playing with a smorgasboard of the most interesting creative units. Previous to New Orleans he was in New York playing with The Bern Nix Trio, and William Parker.

Jeff Treffinger- Architect, song writer, cofounder of Tribe Nunzio, guitarist with The Geraniums, co-owner of The Mermaid Lounge and The Truck Farm.  That list is short and only covers the things that folks know most. He went pretty deep in this interview that discusses changes in the New Orleans music scene and the factors that contributed to it, as well as anecdotes that describe what it looked like at various times since his arrival.