Interview with Jeff Treffinger- guitarist, songwriter, architect, co-founder of The Mermaid Lounge, Tribe Nunzio.

A complete interview with Jeff Treffinger is now up on the interviews page.  You may have seen him with the singular Geraniums, or any number of other projects. You may also know him as one of the key hands in the, legendary to some, Mermaid Lounge. 

   Here he talks about his foregound and background activities that at different times have shaped the New Orleans music scene.  Treffinger describes how he came to be putting a bands together in New Orleans at all and, what his purposes were in doing so...or at least his thinking at the time.  He tells stories about the accidental discoveries that led him to architecture and how that led him into certain other nooks in New Orleans music.  He is frank about what he learned and how, and the interesting folks that he collaborates with or has dealt with over the years that have enabled his dealings to be loaded with a delightful, risky creativity. 

Also available as a podcast from the itunes store.