TaintRadio.org is broadcasting the Freilich Documentary

David Kunian, the author of the radio documentary about some of the exploits of Jonathan Freilich, has requested that you be notified about the airing of the show. It's a rare showing...

taintradio.org proudly presents producer David Kunian’s excellent documentary, Jonathan Freilich’s Double-O Naked Klezmer Jazz Latin Boogaloo, an hour-long radio documentary about guitarist, composer and bandleader Jonathan Freilich. Freilich founded The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, the jazz bands Naked on the Floor and avant-garde big band The Naked Orchestra, the rock-steady ska band 007, and the rhythm and blues band Poor Man’s Speedball.

Freilich has been the essence of the working and creative musician in New Orleans. The program explores what this is like and how he accomplishes his goals and ideas. It includes interviews with Freilich, selections from his music, and recollections and interviews from the people who know him and work with him including musicians Stanton Moore, Joe Cabral, Alex McMurray, Ben Ellman, Glen Hartmann, Kevin O’Day, Tim Green, James Singleton, Jeff Albert, Drs. James Walsh and Janna Saslaw, filmmaker Henry Griffin, and producers Mark Bingham and Benjamin Lyons.

The program is narrated and produced by writer/producer David Kunian, who has completed many award-winning documentaries on New Orleans artists, including musicians James Black, Earl King, James Booker and poet Everett Maddox. Kunian is affiliated with New Orleans station WWOZ-FM and with taintradio.

Listener-supported taintradio.org was founded in 2008 as an alliance of independent producers whose combined efforts result in a 24/7 music stream hosted by more than 20 producers in Boston, Portland, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Croix, London, and North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham ,Warrenton). taintradio.org was recently named JazzWeek’s Internet Station of the Year, as voted by JazzWeek’s music industry subscribers.

Jonathan Freilich’s Double-O Naked Klezmer Jazz Latin Boogaloo will run at 11pm (Eastern) on Saturday, July 2nd and at 11am on Tuesday, July 5th.

You can hear it at


The station and website also contain a great deal of really interesting musical info.