Interested in Yoga?

I am mostly keeping the content of this website to music. There are a couple of other things that I "present" though: yoga instruction is one. I've been a certified Iyengar yoga instructor for about seven years and was teaching previos to that for four years. I used to own half of a studio in New Orleans. I haven't been teaching regular classes for some time- except to help out other teachers. One reason I slowed down the teaching was that I was finding it harder to pass along information on the subject. The popular image of yoga that is reinforced in the media is often at direct odds with other viewpoints, and the modern yoga consumer is generally shopping for the reinforced image. They tend to move classes until they get the version of the story that was sold to them (which makes you wonder why they want classes at all.)

Anyway, all of this is discussed extremely well in an article/book review by Wendy Doniger. there is plenty of information about her floating around the web if you are skeptical.

HERE is a link... to the article.

What does this have to do with the major part of this site- music? Well, the two are very closely related in practice...but that's for another time.

I slowed the teaching to put more energy into composition, which started being necessary when I was writing the opera, Bang The Law.