New Opera/Play: ee me & pollock thee complete and set for NO Fringe Fest Nov. 16-20

Chris Lane as Jackson PollockDont' miss this upcoming premiere of a new opera/play/melodrama by Adam Falik(Libretto/script) and Jonathan Freilich(composer).

-E.E. Cummings and Jackson Pollock journey to the dark heart of inspiration in this multidisciplinary extravaganza. As poet and painter wrestle their muse, mutual obsession and mystical appropriation ensue. This modern opera with live musical accompaniment explores the cost of great art and dangerous genius.- 

The music is now finished and the opera is in final run up towards the New Orleans Fringe Festival  It's a co- production with the librettist, Adam Falik and will feature Chris Lane as abstract expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock. Chris appaeared in my previous opera, Bang The Law and knows how to deliver this type of role.  The other cast is also exciting and as of now the music writing is novel and should provide for a really interesting creative set of performances.  The show will be under the musical guidance of conductor, Francis Scully.

ee me & pollock thee at NO Fringe fest...

I'll meet you there!