Alex Mcmurray Interview

Interview clips of Alex Mcmurray just prior to the Chazfestival (2009).


4 parts to the interview.


  1. Here Alex talks about the origins of chazfest, the tin men and their involvement, musical experience, and the ideas behind Chazfestival.
  2. Alex talks about Chazfestival in contrast to the New Orleans Jazz and heritage Festival, the strains of putting on a festival, general attitudes toward organizing, and the future of the Chazfestival.
  3. Criterion for selecting bands for the festival.
  4. Alex remembers what he can about previous years of the Chazfestival, bending self-imposed rules, the non-musical elements of the festival and those pressures, funniest chazfest story.

Interview with saxophonist, Martin Krusche

Martin Krusche- saxophonist, saxophone repairman, sailor, plasterer, leader of the magnetic ear.  He played at last years Chazfestival (2009) and here he reflects on that experience, being an audience member at chazfest, the current magnetic ear, alternative festivals, sailing and music, and the bywater audiences' demand for mood variance in music depending on time and location.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Helen Gillet Interview

This is an interview in 3 parts from April 2009. Helen Gillet talks about her band Wazozo, Belgian songs, oom-pah, chazfest, and nostalgia. 

(N.B. In part 2, there is a cutoff in the audio after about a minute and for a short time thereafter.  I apologize, that gap is unrecoverable. This recording was early in the series and there were some glitches.  Nonetheless, I feel that the other info, before and after the cutoff, is interesting enough to warrant leaving this up.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3