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with the Naked Orchestra at Saturn Bar

The Naked Orchestra is a massive band and a massive undertaking, and it has been managing to continue for 20 years.  Why aren't we more well known?  Because all the members are like a kind of music Ninja.  They slip in and out, and the blades are so sharp you can lose a limb and still think you've got it.  Instant phantom.

Not your garden variety big band and we aren't trying to prop up the glories of any particular genre.  They all get a fair shake. 

naked orchestra 90s

naked orchestra 90s

Check out this 20-

Jimbo Walsh- conductor
Janna Saslaw-FLute
Persis Randolph-oboe
Chris Kohl-clarinet
Steve Bertram-Bassoon
Martin Krusche-sop sax
Ray Moore-Alto sax
Aurora Nealand-Alto sax
Skerik-tenor sax
Brad Walker-Tenor sax
Joe Cabral-bari sax
Dan Oestreicher- Bari and bass sax
Cyrus Nabipoor-trumpet
Scott Frock-trumpet
Jeff Albert-trombone
Rick Trolsen-trombone
John Gross-Tuba
Helen Gillet- cello
Nobu Ozaki-bass
Jonathan Freilich-guitar
Carl Leblanc-guitar
Doug Garrison-drums

If you go through the instruments in your head, you will realize you want to be there with no doubt.