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with Diesel Combustion Orchestra at The Ace Hotel

  • The Ace Hotel 600 Carondelet Street New Orleans, LA, 70130 United States (map)

Dan Oestreicher's new incredible iteration of his old band.  You people should seriously get out for this one.  After rehearsals and bottomless subversive tactical discussions of what it could all mean, this humble hotel gig might be the place where things start to get lifted out the miasmic, unfiltered, featureless pool of re-iterated music ideas that provide you know help in figuring out where the escape ladder is, with traction for your friends.  Get what I'm saying?  All this in a carondelet street hotel.  Big axes and small stature- that's the name of the game here.  small devices making big noise.  Everything you want for the beach these days.  Available.  Make a run for Carondelet tonight. 8pm 

Derrick "Oops" Moss- drums
Paul Thibodeaux-drums
Dan Oestreicher- Bass sax, Bari sax, Alto Sax, modulor synthesis
Jeff Albert-Trombone, electronics
Jonathan Freilich- guitar
Justin Peake- bass